Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pat and Kelly are in Burbank, CA

Kelly (daughter) wanted to celebrate her birthday and her 4 year cancer free anniversary in a special way. She decided that she would try to obtain tickets to both The Price is Right and the Ellen DeGeneres shows. She applied for 4 tickets so that Pat and her sisters could go if they wanted.

The good news is that she got both sets of tickets. The bad news is that Judy and Lisa could not attend.

Sunday Pat and Kelly flew to Los Angeles and then took a long taxi ride (maybe not in miles, but took a long time because of terrible traffic) to Burbank where they stayed in the Courtyard (map).

Monday they got up about 4:00 and went to the studio where The Price is Right is filmed. They were 12th and 13th in line. They did not get called down, but had a great time.

Today the went to the Ellen Show and were 13th and 14th in line (see a pattern here?). Ellen's guest were Candace Bergen and Wanda Sykes. Candace has written a book and each member of the audience got one. But, the great thing was that Ellen gave each member of the audience TWO $500 gift certificates to Best Buy!!

Tomorrow they will tour the huge Warner Brothers Studio lot. After that they will head to the airport to return home.

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