Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hello from Ontario, CA

Hello from Ontario, CA

Saturday  evening,  November 15, 2014   (First post of this travelogue)

I have traveled to Ontario to teach a Mechanical Drives and Shaft Alignment class.  This is what is called a “regional” class where folks from various companies attend the class in a hotel.  NTT also offers “On Site” classes where we teach at the customers business location.

This class was held at the Holiday Inn Express (here).  The class only had four students, but that made for a great group. 

I had NTT make plane reservations so that I could stay over Saturday and attend one day of the National Drag Racing event in Pomona.  When I was the “Blower Belt guy” at Gates, I attended quite a few races at this rather historic track.  I had hoped to see several old friends, but the pits were very hectic.  I did get to briefly say hi to a good friend who is also a major Gates customer.

Friday after class, I decided to visit the NHRA museum.  It is not a huge museum, but they have a significant number of historic race cars.  Many of those cars were racing when I first got interested in drag racing (over 50 years ago).  Lots of fun memories.

The weather has been pretty decent – mostly 70s during the day.  Unfortunately, I left Pat in the middle of a record setting cold spell in Denver.

Tomorrow I catch a very early flight (6:05 AM) back to Denver.

That is all for this trip.

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